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Our “junkyard production” of James and the Giant Peach at the Glitterbox Theatre in Pittsburgh!

Our “junkyard production” of James and the Giant Peach at the Glitterbox Theatre in Pittsburgh!

Photo by Brandy Joe Plambeck

Photo by Brandy Joe Plambeck

Versailles 2015 at an undisclosed apartment in Manhattan, New York, NY

"It would be hard to play along if the actors were not so compelling. Erin

Mee's directing is crisp and buoyant. She inspires her actors to be

fearless in the face of metatheatricality, to have fun playing with the

audience at her party...Brief and poignant, Versailles 2015 will linger in

your mind long after you see it."

"Though I was fully aware of the artifice of the party, it genuinely felt like

many NYC parties I’ve attended and I found myself, as did the other

audience members, relaxing into the situation and making the usual

get-to-know-you small talk, unsure of whether or not I was talking to a

genuine guest or an actor playing a guest. In fact, I actually was duped

and had a lovely conversation with a guest that I did not realize until

later was actually an actress in the piece. But the fact that this amused

rather than annoyed me speaks directly to the ingratiating tone of the

overall piece itself [...] Ms. Mee’s cast of charming young actors

appealingly rides this line beautifully. They effortlessly deliver the

moments of heightened language while making it appear

improvisational and natural. They all seem like people I know. It’s a

credit to the direction and performances that as much as we may want

to roll our eyes at their superficiality, we don’t. We smile and recognize

them. They work seamlessly as an ensemble, even when performing

solo in a kitchen or bathroom, and are so at ease in the contradiction of

their roles as party-goers and actors that I half expected them to

continue exiting with us as we descended back in the elevator and out

into the lobby at the play’s end."

Photo by June Xie

Photo by June Xie

 Next to Normal at the Van Fleet Theatre, Columbus OH (2014)

"One of the best shows of the 2013-14 Season"